Yoni Shtiebel

Yoni Shtiebel’s experiences since before Yoni became Bar Mitzvah have culminated in the development of this venture. Years ago, before Mr. Shtiebel became Bar Mitzvah, Yoni’s father uncovered a dusty recording of my great-grandfather, a renowned Bar Mitzvah tutor, chanting the Torah trope. In the recording, my great-grandfather sang each trope, one after the other. […]

Our Jewish Special Needs Children

Our Jewish Special Needs Children 25% of children have ADHD or dyslexia. These children struggle to maintain parity with their peers in a learning environment. Their self-image may therefore be tarnished. Employing deep insights into learning styles and special needs based on hundreds of generations of tradition, we are software-as-a-service support for them with their […]