Jewish Cantor: See Your Voice Motivate “Special Needs” Bar Mitzvah Students!

Jewish Cantor: See Your Voice Motivate Special Needs Bar Mitzvah Students!

וְכָל־הָעָם֩ רֹאִ֨ים אֶת־הַקּוֹלֹ֜ת

Jewish Cantor: See Your Voice Motivate "Special Needs" Bar Mitzvah Students!

Teach Using Your Voice Synchronized to Hebrew Bible Text

B'nai Mitzvah learn Torah reading using your voice as a model.

Increase Students' Motivation between Lessons

Text is highlighted in synchrony with audio – making it easier to focus, without needing to find one's place.

Benefits for Special Needs Bar Mitzvah

Special needs students with ADHD or dyslexia learn more effectively by seeing the verses while hearing your familiar voice.

The Singing Torah enables Bar Mitzvah Tutors to captivate and energize B'nai Mitzvah students to study between lessons.

It is as simple as: Press Record, chant the verses, then press Stop and you will see and hear The Singing Torah in action.

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We are seeking to build relationships with Jewish Cantors in North America, and we may contact you to explore integrating your voice into our software for teaching B'nai Mitzvah outside of your congregation. We will be providing a monthly newsletter with insights: about teaching the Hebrew Bible, about special needs/learning styles, and about benefits to you and your congregation from using The Singing Torah as a pillar of your synagogue's B'nai Mitzvah training. We do not send SPAM as it is not Kosher.

ABOUT US: The Singing Torah is an integrated Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah learning system for the Bar Mitzvah tutor to use with each student. With The Singing Torah, cantors and tutors more effectively and efficiently teach the next generation. It is a tool for synagogues to standardize, guide and monitor the tutor-led Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah education process. This internet-based platform enables tutoring from the tutor’s own home or office to each student’s home without need for commuting. It provides students the ability to practice on their own time and to record their chanting at their convenience. Yet our system enables the tutor to review the student's chanting on the tutor’s schedule, leaving feedback for the student. The system tracks student progress, thus encouraging students and providing reassurance to parents.

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